Remember Me: A Novella About Finding Our Way to the Cross

by Sharon Garlough Brown, featuring artwork by Bette Lynn Dickinson

In the book Remember Me, Wren Crawford, an aspiring artist, struggles through depression and loss. She finds a way of working through her grief as she paints the stations of the cross for a retreat center run by her aunt "Kit." As she curates the collection, she sorts through a variety of other paintings and stumbles across this painting, "It Is Finished." "It is Finished" from What Breathes Beneath Our Story in Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Completed in 2010. Oil and Acrylic on Claybord.

Wren,"gestured toward a favorite of Kit's: a painting of Jesus, arms extended as though he were still hanging from the cross. But no cross was visible. Instead, the bright colors and explosion of light around him testified to his victory over the grave. In a single painting the artist had managed to capture both his sacrifice and his resurrection."

- Sharon Garlough Brown, Remember Me.

The author, Sharon Garlough Brown, was my spiritual director while I was working on this piece for Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in 2010. It is part of a larger body of work entitled, "What Breathes Beneath Our Story," completed in 2010. Oil and Acrylic on Claybord.

How beautiful that 10 years later, our works would be intertwined and come full circle in her new book, to be released January 9, 2020. Sharon helped me to journey to the cross while I was in seminary, and now as an artist, writer, and spiritual formation practitioner with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, I have the privilege to help others to do the same. 

We invite you to join us at the book release party at Baker Book House January 9th form 7-9pm! Tickets are $5. You can also view more of the paintings in the book and purchase the full set for the stations of the cross on the link below.

Upcoming Events:

January 9th, 7-9pm: Book Release Party at Baker Book House. Purchase tickets here.

April 6th at 6pm: Lenten Spiritual Formation Retreat at Baker Book House. Bette Lynn Dickinson will be speaking on art and spiritual formation.